We understand that the process of acquiring a visa for any country is quite time consuming and tiresome. Flamingo Internationalis with its team of experienced people well acquainted with the necessary formalities will help you. Our visa Assistance services will maximize your chance of getting Visa. All our candidates get personalized attention on the correct procedure to follow. By the help of our expert's advice you will not only be able to avoid common mistakes due to lack of inexperience or incomplete preparation but also avoid any kind of delays. Our systematic and fine-tuned methodology helps cater you better. Our dedicated and efficient staff provides their valuable contribution in assessing your case.

Flamingo Internationalis offers free Visa Assistance to all its International travelers.

Free Visa Assistance shall be provided to all the international travelers of Flamingo Internationalis who made the request for the same on the website during the course of transacting a booking. Making a request for free Visa Assistance for International travel will constitute the acceptance of the traveler of all the applicable terms and conditions governing the same.

It is clarified that this Visa Assistance scheme is free of charge to the extent that no additional service fee will be charged by Flamingo Internationalis . However, please be advised that all actual third party charges for applying and getting the Visa issued will be charged. Such charges and costs shall be informed to you at your request.

Flamingo Internationalis 's role is limited to extending help to the opting international traveler in the process of obtaining Visa. Issuance of Visa will solely depend on the fulfillment by the traveler of the requisite documents, requirements and guidelines of the respective Visa issuing authorities (Embassies/Consulates). It is clarified that submission of an application does not necessarily guarantee issuance of a visa, which is issuable at the sole discretion of such authorities. Please also be advised that the traveler will be solely liable to bear the consequences of a Visa denial; for instance, traveler may have to incur cancellation charges (if any) on his airline ticket.

It shall be the duty of the opting traveler to intimate Flamingo Internationalis in writing of any decision to terminate the Visa Assistance at any time after the assistance has already been initiated by Flamingo Internationalis .

Flamingo Internationalis reserves the right to refuse to extend Visa Assistance to an opting traveler on a case to case basis if the exigency of the situation so demands.

This facility is only available for the Indian Citizens, resident of India only.

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