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Canada in Brief
Landscape: Mountains, Prairies, Desert, Arctic Tundra, Glaciers, Valleys, Foothills, Rivers, Lakes, 9,976,000 sq km (3.9 million sq mi)
Population: 30 Million
Capital city: Ottawa, Ontario (pop: 1,010,500)
People: British descent (28%), French descent (23%), Italian descent (3%), aboriginal peoples (2%), plus significant minorities of German, Ukrainian, Dutch, Greek, Polish and Chinese
Languages: English, French and 53 native languages
Religion: Catholic (45%), Protestant (36%) and minorities from most of the world's major religions
Government: Parliamentary democracy

Attraction in Canada
There is so much to see and do in Canada you will have trouble fitting all of the amazing attractions into your schedule!

Historic Sites
As home to 13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and nearly 850 National Historic Sites, Canada is the perfect place to explore our shared past.

Man-Made Attractions
Did you know that Toronto is home to the world's tallest building? And, if you head to the east coast of Canada you can uncover the mystery of magnetic hill or visit Anne?s Green Gables?in Canada there is so much to experience.


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